Permanent Jewelry Appointment

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

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Permanent Jewelry Appointments

We are now booking permanent jewelry appointments at Freedom Road Fashion!  Appointments vary throughout each week based on availability. We will try our best to accommodate walk ins. Our suite location can accommodate smaller parties up to 15 people. 

Store Location Address: N162 Eisenhower Dr Suite #750 Appleton, WI 54915


Pricing starts at $45


Permanent Jewelry FAQs

What is permanent jewelry?

  • Permanent jewelry is a piece of jewelry made specifically for you! Pick out your chain and charms and it is then measured, cut, and connected with a small jump ring. This jump ring is then micro-welded together for a seamless fit! A special and memorable experience with a long-lasting keepsake!

What is your pricing for permanent jewelry? 

Pricing ranges depending on chain/charms etc selected but starts at $45

Does it hurt to get permanent jewelry? Not at all! There will be a small flash during the welding process but it's completely painless.

Do I have to sign any type of consent?

  • Consents are required before the jewelry is cut

How old do I need to be to get a permanent jewelry piece? You must be at least 12 years old to obtain a piece of permanent jewelry and be able to sit still. We may refuse to weld on anyone, of any age if you are unable to remain still during the welding process. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a guardian present to consent. 

How long will your permanent jewelry last? Depends on the chain that you choose, and many environmental factors. Meaning if you are doing something that could cause it to constantly snag, your piece could break. 

What if your permanent jewelry piece breaks? If the break is at the weld we will reweld free of charge within 30 days. After that a $15 reweld fee applies. If the chain breaks at a point other than the weld we can add a jump ring and reweld for $15 fee. 

What permanent jewelry options do you offer? Bracelets, anklets and necklaces

What permanent jewelry metals do you carry?  14K Yellow Gold Filled, 14K Rose Gold Filled and Sterling Silver and Connectors/Charms 

What if I need to have my permanent jewelry removed? Feel free to contact us to have removed or cut through the jump ring with a wire cutters. If you wish to have welded back on at a later time, schedule an appointment and we will do so for a small charge ($15).

Will I need to remove my permanent jewelry going through airport security? No- travelers go through security each day without removing any jewelry.

Will I need to remove my permanent jewelry for medical procedures? Yes - for some medical procedures, you will need to remove your permanent jewelry piece. Contact us to remove and weld your piece back on after your procedure. 

Are gift certificates available? Yes! Click here to purchase: 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions. 


What if I need to remove it?

  •  The jewelry can be cut with scissors or wire cutters. If you ever want it re-welded, we ask that is it cut on the jump ring so there are no issues re-welding

Is there any upkeep?

  • Each chain is chosen specifically for durability. While they are made for everyday wear, some perfumes, lotions, and chlorine can begin to breakdown the metal over time. Try to keep clean and dry when possible!

What do I do if my jewelry breaks?

  • If it breaks AT THE WELD SITE within 30 days of placement, please contact me and I will re-weld for free! You must have the chain with you. 

Do you take appointments?

  • Yes we encourage appointments, but do try to accommodate walk in the best we can

What does a private party entail?

  • Private parties can be booked online with a deposit. This deposit holds a one hour slot and pays for the host's bracelet or can be put towards any longer or higher end piece. 5 or more people must be attending for this to be considered a private party. More time can be book at no additional cost (especially if you have more guests)


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